Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deluxe Two Person Jacuzzi Bathtub SWG-8870W

Imagine the pleasure of walking down one of these superb bathtubs and melting off your body all the pressure of the day!!

Now let's see what this tub is coming with:

*Rated Voltage: 110-220V, custom made controlling system.
*Size: 1180*1700*650mm, two peron bathtub.
*10mm front decorating glass, extra extravagance
*Steel Frame built underneath, extra strong
*Air Swtich of operation
*1.5KW whirlpool pump
*4* biggle nozzles, 10* small massage jets
*Dual foam pillows
*Faucet built in Brass.
*Handshower included
*Optional Extras:

 Dual working pumps, doubled horsepower, 2*1500W. 
   Now enjoy the bath in a more aggressive way!
 Wind Pump, 250W, creates bubbles by blowing air to the bathtub.
 Computer control panel--EASY to operate. 
 Water Heater, 2000W, very good choice for cold weather. 

Chromatic Lamp,  creating all this exotic, mysterious romance

It is indeed hard to resist these good looking bathtub, isn' it? 

Now get yourself one at jacuzzi-bathtub.com

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